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What is Visionary Art?

I find it challenging to describe the type of art that I create because I do not want to limit the perception of my work to a particular style or artistic movement. However, when pressed to give a name to my artistic style then Visionary Art is the nearest that I wish to come to defining my creations.

Visionary Art expresses mystical experiences, the five elements (earth, water, air, fire & ether), and spiritual or non-ordinary experiences.

Within the Visionary Art movement there are many different styles or techniques utilized. I use a divination technique calling “scrying” in which my inspiration arises from staring into crystals, rocks, fire, or tea.

I begin a painting with meditation, or with shamanic journeying, and then I infuse all my art supplies with Reiki and Magnified Healing energy. When working on a commission I add positive thoughts about the person, plus any words or images that come through my intuition, to the base layer of the painting. I then allow this charged layer to marinate.

In due time I add additional layers until an image comes forward. Usually I see the eye, or an outline of an animal, person, or spiritual being. Typically, if an animal steps forward it is the person’s power animal as determined through a previous shamanic journey, but it could also be another animal guide wishing to be of service.

Commission Your Own Visionary Art Painting

Please contact me to commission your own Visionary Art painting or to learn more about my process.