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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is thought to be humanities most ancient spiritual practice. It is not a specific religion, but more of a practice to commune with nature and to connect with the natural lifeforce energy that connects nature, all living things, quantum realms and the cosmos.


A shamanic practitioner goes into a trancelike state with the aid of a sonic driver, which is usually a drum or rattle but can also be chimes, bells, or even the sound of the wind or a babbling brook. This process is better known as “journeying”.

Once the practitioner has entered a quantum realm, they communicate with their spirit helpers seeking knowledge to ease physical and psychological ailments. Spirit helpers come in many forms but, to me, appear most often in animal form. A crystal, a flower, or a natural scene may hold a particular meaning and messages are retrieved for the practitioner and the client to discern together.

A shamanic practitioner may facilitate all or some of the following healing journeys: Power animal retrieval, removal and clearing of bad or ill energies, soul retrieval, land clearing, psychopomp (assisting spiritual energies to transition to another realm), or divining messages for specific questions.

Healing Sessions

I am trained in all of these techniques through Daniel Leonard of the Medicine Circle who, in turn, learned core shamanism directly from the highly renowned Sandra Ingerman. Over the years I have also developed my own techniques which include employing essential oils and oracle cards as a part of my shamanic practice. My clients tell me that they feel a sense of peace and ease after a session with me.

If you prefer to experience an energetic healing to start, I am also a Reiki Master as well as holding the highest designation in Magnified Healing. These sessions also include essential oils and an oracle card reading.

All modalities can be facilitated in person or at a distance, but I prefer to do land clearing and psychopomp in person.

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Shamanic Healing Session

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