Petra Lepage

Visionary artist and energy healer

I find it challenging to describe the type of art that I create because I do not want to limit the perception of my work to a particular style or artistic movement. However, when pressed to give a name to my artistic style then Visionary Art is the nearest that I wish to come to defining my creations.

My Paintings

Interested in one of the original paintings or drawings? Prints also available.

  • Aurora Bearealis

    $150.00 Details Purchase Original
  • Daisies & DMT

    $150.00 Details Purchase Original
  • “Terra, Tera, Tara”

    $450.00 Details Purchase Original
  • Kwan Yin and Water Tiger

    $1,299.00 Details Purchase Original

Custom Soul Paintings

Your painting will be infused with a final surge of Reiki and Magnified Healing energy to help you raise your vibrancy and attract healthy energy into your life.