Paintings and Prints

Original Paintings:
Existing Paintings depend on sizing. Pricing upon request.
Prints can be completed in sizing up to 24 x 24” on a giclee canvas stretched on a wooden frame. This is the closest possible reproduction available to the actual painting. After the printing process the canvas will be infused with Reiki energy to make the print as authentic as possible after the original. Pricing for giclees is available upon request

A selection of prints can be found at

Soul Paintings:
An in person or telephone meeting is also required prior to the start of the painting. For this process, I seek your permission to connect with you on a spiritual level. Your painting will reflect a combination of our interview, my spiritual connection with you and my intuitive painting process. Your painting will be infused with final surge of Reiki energy to help you raise your vibrancy and attract healthy energy into your life. Pricing depends on the size of the painting and ranges from $650- $2,500.00 and sizes ranging from 16 x20” up to 36 x36”.