Painting and Energy Workshops:

Not an accomplished painter? Want to learn to paint? Don’t worry! No formal painting experience is required for any of the workshops! In fact, if you are an experienced artist, I ask that you place your preconceptions at the door and trust in me to guide you through an experiential journey!

I am located in beautiful Prince Edward County where I grew up and returned to work.

Can’t Attend in Person?  Too far?

I travel for groups of 6 or more (additional fees may apply).

Please contact me directly for group workshop information.

Divine Feminine Workshop!

In this advanced workshop, I will guide you through the basics of mixing colours and colour theory and how to make it all happen on the canvas!

I will teach you how to connect to your higher self in order to create a beautiful goddess painting comprised of many layers.

You won’t believe how easy it is to learn how to paint! Throw fear aside and dive in!

Full day workshop including materials: $150.00 pp

Please Contact Me for workshop dates.

Power Animal Painting Workshop:

Immerse yourself in painting as meditation, painting as energy work and painting as a personal journey.

In this one day workshop, I will shower you in vibration (through sound journeys and guided meditations), color and magic. Which animal will serve as your guide in this process?

As you paint your personal animal totem canvas, you will experience a raising of your vibration, an elevation of your belief into what is available to you now, and a renewed ability to let go of whatever is no longer serving you.

Full day workshop including supplies: $150.00 pp

Please Contact Me for workshop dates.

Shamanic Painting Workshop:

Experience a shamanic energy healing prior to meeting your canvas. The ceremony will relax and rejuvenate you in order to open up a dialogue with the blank canvas.

3 hour workshop including supplies: $95.00

Please Contact Me for workshop dates.

Angel Wing Painting Workshop:

Are you ready to rise above for 2021? Are you ready to love yourself and surrender to the universal life force that surrounds us? Create your angel wings to soar above what is holding you back! A meditation and burning ceremony are incorporated to help you to reach new heights!

3 hour workshop including supplies: $95.00

Please Contact Me for workshop dates.

Dream Catcher Painting:

Dream catchers are an ancient practice amongst the Indigenous people of North America. The “spider web” catches unwanted spirits to ensure they do not enter your dreams.

The spider is also the weaver of creativity and the dream catcher painting you will create will help to manifest your dreams and desires. A guided meditation and journaling exercise will assist you with your manifestations.

3 hour workshop including supplies $95.00

Please Contact Me for workshop dates.

Pranayama with Petra

Learn this ancient breathing technique to reduce stress, release what no longer serves you and gain clarity. Sign up for the program and receive monthly lessons, a gazing print and tip sheets as well as a weekly check in with me. $33/month

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Learn how to connect with the shamanic world to gain wisdom and clarity. Various connection techniques will be taught. 3 hour session $150.00