Creatively Fit Coaching

Are you a visual learner? Are you feeling stuck in life?

I can help… I am a Certified Creatively Fit Coach!

And of course, don’t forget to contact me if you have any questions!

I can help you create the life you want through manifestation and intention on
the canvas by creating a daily painting practice!

This is accomplished during private 1:1 coaching sessions with me at the Artistic Energies Creativity and Wellness Centre, or we can meet virtually via Zoom.

Pricing $75.00/hour

Manifestation Series

This is a five-part series.

One may be completed but for full effect, all five symbols should be created for the full effect to take place!

Help uncover your life purpose and work with the flow of the paints as a metaphor to create flow in your life!

Sacred symbols are chosen for you to help you manifest what you are seeking more of in your life- infinity, heart, diamond and light.

These symbols along with your intentional creativity will help you to manifest your
true heart’s desire!

Pricing for one 2-hour workshop including materials: $65.00.

All five workshops: $300.00