About Petra

Hi, I’m Petra.

I began drawing and painting at an early age. My favorite subject matter from the early days consisted of horses, horses and more horses!

Growing up my medium broadened from crayons, markers and pencil crayons to charcoal, chalk pastels, oil and acrylic paint.

I proudly won art awards at the Picton Fair and at Prince Edward Collegiate Institute before setting my sights higher onto post-secondary education in the arts.

I attended York University and graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major concentration in Visual Art. During a second year painting class, one of my professors identified me as being “very intuitive”.

Not much thought was placed on that statement until many years later. During an “A HA Moment”, I reflected back on this statement and realized I have actually been an Intuitive Artist all along.

My studies have continued since University and I am a shamanic practitioner, Magnified Energy Healer, and Reiki Master. I also teach and provide energy healing in these disciplines.

My artistic process has now evolved to using shamanism, Magnified Healing, meditation, Reiki, setting positive intentions and channeling the energy of the subject matter directly into the canvas.

Today, my paintings are mainly created with acrylic paint and various mixed media including tissue paper and unusual and glittery objects.

And LOVE- so much love!

I am inspired by animals, nature, and the power of quantum physics. I will take on commissioned paintings where I will use my intuition, and with your permission connect with you spiritually in order to create your own personal “soul” painting or spirit animal.

My faithful cat Lyla supervises the process from the “painting throne” and is alongside every new creation.

When I am not busy creating I can be found flying on “Pixie Dust” in and around Prince Edward County

Photo with Bike